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Martial Arts Instructors in Henderson

Mr. Mickey Rico

I began training in the American Taekwondo Assosiation in 1990. My first step on the mat was my future and knew that one day I would become a martial arts instructor. I've has the pleasure of training thousands of martial artists and look forward to many more!

Mrs. Berlin Rico

I started in the World Taekwondo Federation at 9 years old.

Miss Camille Carter

I began my taekwondo journey at four years old. Back then, my personality was a far cry from what it is now. I was timid, always hiding behind my parents when meeting new people. I had trouble taking initiative. I was scared to be a leader. But that all changed when I started taking classes. I learned how to project my voice, how to lead a group. I gained an immense amount of confidence in such a short amount of time. As the years passed, I grew more and more comfortable doing things I never would have done as the shy girl I was previously. Martial arts isn't just about self-defense, though learning how to protect yourself is immensely important, it's about forming bonds and having a community that is willing to help you through your journey every step of the way. It's about coming out of your shell, learning discipline, having fun, and, most importantly, absorbing knowledge that you can then pass on to others. I have been doing this for fourteen years, most of my life, and I am beyond grateful for the time I have spent learning from both Mr. And Mrs. Rico. I am so glad I am allowed to teach the next generation of martial artists and give them the support and kindness I was shown on my ever-evolving journey at The Kick.

Mr. Andre Carter


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